We here at the Bounty of Life Foundation believe that education is paramount in the future success of the people of the world. Bounty of Life Foundation focuses on providing Education for poor students. We started this in A.C College (Guntur, AP, INDIA). By helping students who’s family’s are very poor and despite not having a square meal a day they send their children to college hoping that they will get educated and get a good job to support their families. Bounty of Life Foundation targeted college students because they are at an age where they can be distracted by many things that are around them and ignore their education. So we have started a tutoring session in the nights by the students them selves. These tutors are in higher classes and they teach to the students who are in the lower classes. This program focuses on improving their grades and improving their knowledge. For the tutors we offer several incentives apart from paying monthly to them we offer sending them to job oriented training courses of their choice.

Our next step is to establish a computer lab in the college. At least 50 computers are needed for around 1000 students.